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Resolutions of the 8th EPRDF Congress
We the participants of the 8th EPRDF Organizational
Congress, after examining the performance report on the execution of the resolutions passed by the 7th
Organizational Congress on development, democracy
and good governance and deliberating on the
directions to be followed during the coming years,
have issued the following resolutions.
   1. on Agriculture and Rural Development Works
Tremendous Efforts were exerted to implement the expansion strategy set by the 7th Organizational Congress with respect to agricultural development. The working practices and technologies of best farmers were formulated and passed to the vanguard ones so that they could disseminate them. Relentless effort was made to create an organized developmental army from top to bottom. 
Various works were undertaken to broaden the supply and utilization of inputs. Effort was also made to benefit drought prone areas by consolidating the distribution of natural resources.
Different activities were carried out to strengthen the extension system and make   extension agents acquire the necessary attitude, professional skill and spirit to serve the public. Various works were executed to make pastoral communities benefit from the development endeavor. Activities to produce specialized products were undertaken by establishing development zones in all the regions.
In general, we the participants of the 8th Organizational Congress have travelled a long way to implement the resolutions passed by the 7th Organizational Congress with respect to agricultural development; and after examining the report and evaluating the executions of the last resolutions have determined that the central issues that need our unstinting effort are the following.  
(a)  We shall therefore first and foremost strive to create a stable macro economic situation and remove obstacles of growth by registering an annual growth of not less than 11.1% during the coming five years and even pushing further as much as possible to double the national income within five years. We shall determinedly and unswervingly struggle to ensure that a situation is created whereby our country could become food self-sufficient.
 (b) We shall exert full effort to narrow the gap of production and productivity between the best farmers and the rest by implementing the expansion strategy which is the main source of our agricultural growth. To this end, we shall fulfill the developmental army building task underway by consolidating the organization, capacity and initiative of the farmers.
 (c)  We shall meet the goal set to meet the equal enrolment of boys and girls in elementary and first cycle secondary schools; and shall also strive hard to achieve the goal set by the Congress to increase the role of the sexes in undergraduate and post-graduate programs.
 (d) Let us be at the forefront in strengthening natural resources protection, undertaking extensive soil and water preservation works, developing underground and surface water to mainly expand irrigation works carried out by farmers.
 (e)  We shall ensure rapid growth by enabling farmers to produce high value agricultural produces and gradually consolidating local specialization as well as supporting agricultural extension research capacity.
 (f)  We shall make our contribution toward realizing the direction set by the 8th Organizational Congress to make private investors contribute to agriculture more than ever by expanding flower, vegetables and fruit farms as well as wide irrigated and non-irrigated farms, withstanding the fact that the main agriculture work revolves around farmers and pastoralists.
 (g)  We shall work with zeal to fully implement the direction set to expand the employment opportunity of women and youth in rural areas by engaging them in small irrigation, forestry development, micro- and small-scale enterprises and other sectors.
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