Election Election
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EPRDF’s Strategy for Election 2010
I.                  Goals of the Strategy
The Fourth National and Regional Election would be held in Ethiopia in May 2010.Therefore
parties interested in taking part in the election have been making preparations. Similarly
EPRDF is also making preparations to effectively contest in the election. The designing and
executing of a correct strategy is therefore essential to effectively compete in the election. The
key task with regard to designing a correct election strategy would be the proper identification
of goals of the strategy. Thus setting proper goals should be given special attention as the need
for strategy emanates from the desire to attain these goals.
1.      Holding Free, Fair, Democratic and Peaceful Election
The first and major goal of EPRDF in the upcoming election is making the election
genuinely democratic and peaceful. There are indeed many reasons for making the election
genuinely peaceful and democratic.
As is well known EPRDF strongly believes that democracy is crucial to the existence of
Ethiopia. This is a country where peoples of diverse nationalities and religious groups live
in harmony. If the party effectively manages these differences those forces could be
sources of strength in peacefully and cooperatively extricating the country from poverty.
Failure to manage the differences would, however, inevitably plunge the country into bitter
conflict and devastation. As evidenced by the experiences of Ethiopia and other countries
handling differences effectively and nurturing tolerance could be realized when the
democratic rights of all citizens and cross-sections of the society are respected. Based on
this premise EPRDF contends that Ethiopia can either be democratic or caught in a vicious
cycle of violence disintegrating through time. One of the distinguishing characteristics of a
democratic system is the holding of election through which the people periodically appoint
and remove leaders in a democratic fashion. Making Election 2010 a genuinely democratic
and peaceful election has therefore become the first and major goal of EPRDF as it
determines the existence of the country and there cannot be a loftier goal than this.
The other reason for making the upcoming election democratic and peaceful a major goal is
because it is our legal duty. Ethiopia has a constitution ratified by its peoples. Respect to
this constitution and the supremacy of law are fundamental conditions for the safety and
security of citizens. That is why EPRDF is on the one hand trying to cultivate the culture of
respect to the law among the society, and diligently working day and night to bring to
justice those individuals who defy the constitution on the other. A party which has been
waging unstinted efforts to ensure the respect of the constitution cannot and should not
undermine it. A governing party cannot expect others to respect to constitution while it
defies it. Therefore strictly adhering to the constitution of the country is the top most
obligation of EPRDF; and as the constitution stipulates the holding of a peaceful and
democratic election every five years complying with this constitutional obligation is the
paramount goal of the party.