Workshop Conducted
A two day workshop allowing building the media sector capacity held on 2nd and 3rd  June 2012 at Jupiter International Hotel.
The workshop was organized by the Public and Foreign Relations Department of the EPRDF Secretariat in cooperation with the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party. While opening the workshop, Head of the Public and Foreign Relations Department of the Secretariat of the Council of the EPRDF, Ato Sekuture Getachew indicated that the workshop would help to strengthen the existing relations between the two parties and contribute much to bring to a higher level the multi-faceted relations between the two countries.
The 5 member CPC expert team was led by Mr. Tian Duanhui, Deputy Director General of the International Exchange Center of the IDCPC. In the sessions held on 2nd & 3rd June 2012, Professor Gao Hongeim, who came from the Chinese Leader ship Academy, has given explanations on the experience of China regarding mass media capacity building ,mass media institution management and  internet management .
Based on the explanations, participants raised various questions and remarks on which replies were given by   Professor Gao Hongeim.
 Explanations were also given on China’s current economic progresses and its challenges.
Participated in the workshop are heads of government communication and media institutions, it was learnt.